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Teeth Extraction with PIEZOTOME VS Traditional way
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Adopt Piezotome Extractions To Maximize Bone Preservation For Immediate Implant Placement

Piezotome Cube Is The Way To Ensure Compassionate Care And To Provide Atraumatic Extraction. Indeed, It Allows To Preserve Bone Thus Making Possible To Place Implants Immediately. Piezotome Cube With Its Exclusive Tip Kits Is The Solution For A Minimally Invasive Extraction.

Piezotome Cube To Deliver Compassionate Care

For You…

▶ Greater Safety.
▶ Soft Tissue Preservation.
▶ Bone Preservation For Osseointegration And Immediate Implant Placement.
▶ Precise Cutting.
▶ Optimal Visibility (Cavitation Effect).
▶ Blood-Free Surgical Site.

And Your Patients...

▶ Atraumatic Surgery.
▶ More Comfortable Operation.
▶ Improved Post-Operative Outcomes.
▶ Less Pain & Swelling.
▶ Better Healing Process.

Piezotome Is Safer

Piezotome Surgery Is Less Traumatizing, Thus Non-Active On Soft Tissues, It Is More Effective In Reducing Surgical Complications:

▶ Maintains Integrity Of The Alveolar Bone.
▶ Reduces Pain, Swelling & Analgesics Intake By Over 50% For Each Parameter.
▶ No Hypesthesia.
▶ More Comfortable.
▶ Faster & Better Healing Process.

Make Challenging Extractions Easy

Piezotome Cube Is Indicated For Challenging Extractions, It Will Make Them Safer And More Predictable.

▶ Root Fracture, Angulation, Depth.

▶ Implant Removal.

▶ Ankylosed Or Impacted Teeth.

▶ Supernumerary Teeth.

▶ Preserve Alveolar Bone Integrity.

Immediate Implant Placement Becoming A Standard Of Care

Same-Day Procedure Means Less Trauma For The Patients And More Benefits As Only One Surgery Is Needed. Also, It Optimizes Dentists Time And Is Less Physically Taxing.

▶ Fewer Surgical Interventions.
▶ Reduction In Overall Treatment Time.
▶ Reduced Soft And Hard Tissue Loss.
▶ Psychological Satisfaction To The Patient.

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