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Endodontics, as an established science, has come a long way in the past 20 years, and treating the root canal system successfully is now more predictable than ever before.
Consequently, due to major advancements in file systems and the materials used in their construction, the provision of quality endodontic treatment is now available not only to
endodontic specialists, but also to many general dentists.The introduction of Dentsply’s Protaper nickel titanium (NiTi) rotary instruments in 2001 led to a major revolution in modern day endodontics, allowing a real progression in root canal preparation procedures. The Protaper system,
with its active cutting edges, variable tapered design and shaping and finishing files, quickly became a leading file system and file of choice for endodontists worldwide
(Advanced Endodontics, 2012). Building on this success, in 2008 a team of six
international clinicians, in collaboration with Dentsply, began the work of developing a new reciprocating single file system for shaping canals, leading to the launch of Dentsply’s
Waveone endodontic system in 2011.The introduction of M-Wire NiTi technology has meant
that files have become increasingly flexible, are more resistant to cyclic fatigue (greatly reducing the risk of file separation), and in the majority of cases, only one file is needed for each root canal procedure.

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