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History and Milestone

Setting the strategy for modernization

Through the decades, MPS was able to take solid steps into sustaining and expanding its business that led to the rapid growth during the last years. As part of its vision, MPS is working today on keeping itself up to date with the state of the art in the market and up to the modern standards by:

  • Updating and modernizing its IT infrastructure, automating processes and centralizing warehousing.
  • Putting the digital market in focus, setting the strategy for e-marketing and building online partnership with Emdadate e-commerce platform.
Entering the medical prescription industry.

With the expanded structure of the company, MPS was able to start a new venture in diversifying to the medical prescription industry by signing a partnership with TQ Pharma which is one of the leading Jordanian therapeutic drug manufacturers. 

Diversification into personal care manufacturing

MPS Pharma set a plan to start personal care products manufacturing in Saudi Arabia by obtaining a land of 40000 m2 in Rabigh Industrial City.

Expansion into the Modern Trade

The modern trade with its expanding to chains of hypermarkets and supermarkets became a pivotal part of the personal care and well-being markets. MPS Pharma decided to expand to this field and built partnerships with the prospect chains in the market.

GCC Coverage reached

For several years, MPS has been looking for expanding into the international market. By this year, MPS covered all the GCC area by having offices Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and UAE in addition to Vitane office in France in addition to the established offices in Saudi Arabia. 

Became the leading supplier for MOH

MPS Dental successfully installed 300 clinics in Ministry of Health facilities and gained its trust to become the primary supplier for dental clinics.

German dental export share accomplishment

MPS partnerships with the German companies led it to achieve a 2% share of the global dental exports from Germany. 

The merge of DEO and MPS and diversifying into manufacturing
  • In order to leverage on the strength of the organization structure, DEO was merged into MPS. Common functional entities were unified into central units.
  • MPS Dental saw an opportunity with a new prospect French based implants manufacturer: VITANE dental implants and acquired it.
Market share accomplishment and the aim into new horizons
  • By this year, we have installed over 1000 dental clinics, imported goods from 80 companies and became an agent for 19 companies in DEO and achieving 40% market share of the Saudi private market. 
  • MPS reached 5000 pharmacies coverage and decided to change its vision by aiming towards becoming natural health products agent. That led us to introduce two new business units with strong partnerships: Wellbeing business unit that started with Arkopharma and natural cosmetics with Beesline.
Product Management Model Adaptation

 Inspired by MPS and the pharmaceutical industry, DEO took the initiative in adopting the product management model and introduce it to the dental sector. It was the first dental company worldwide to use it. The clear success of the model inspired several of our international and local partners to adopt it until it became a norm in the dental sector.

First Training Course in Dental Implants

DEO offered the first training course for the dentists in the field of Dental Implants. The course was held in Jeddah King Fahd Hospital for 14 days with 20 dentists attending the course. 

Full Saudi coverage reached

Both DEO and MPS have expanded their presence in Saudi Arabia covering the whole country with its main cities all the way to the villages and bordering towns, a total of 26 main localities. The operations were conducted through 4 main branches: Jeddah, Riyadh, Khobar and lastly added Abha. 

DEO’s work with government institutions.

Due to barriers present to access the public sector and strong competition, DEO abstained from starting a business with the government institutions at first. However, with the company being established and showing success, it was time for DEO to venture into this market.

Establishment of MPS.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Services Company (MPS) began operating as an agent for the medical and pharmaceutical products. Its aim was to become a leading company in the OTC market 

Birth of DEO

Dental Equipment Office (DEO) was established as an agent with the aim to provide a full solution to private dental clinics in Saudi Arabia, which varied from equipment to instruments all the way to after-sales services. The journey started with five partnerships with strong Principles: Belmont, Bego, Aesculap, Detax and Vita. 

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